material design liteWith the recent updates to Android, Google has introduced the Material Design language which is basically a flatter UI with clean, solid, and bold colors. We have to admit that it looks pretty good and does a good job at creating a uniform look across the board, whereas previously Android apps basically just looked like a mishmash of design styles and languages.

However it seems that Google wants their Material Design language to invade the web as well and has recently announced Material Design Lite (via TNW). This is basically a framework that allows web developers to create websites that will sport Material Design themes using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

material design lite 2Given that a lot of websites are visited on mobile, with some websites acting as web apps, we suppose having a Material Design look to it will further the uniformity that Google is apparently aiming for. Google claims that Material Design Lite is framework agnostic meaning it can be used with any front-end solution.

It also uses Paper elements so that developers can pick and choose which part of Material Design Lite they want to use, versus having to use the entire thing or nothing at all. It’s an interesting approach to web design and if you’re interested in checking it out, head on over the Material Design Lite website for the details.

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