lost iphoneWhile Apple’s iPhones are usually very nicely designed, some might consider them to be fragile and dropping them into water or onto the ground usually results in a device being fried or having its screen cracked. This is pretty much what Imgur user ehtnaerokyug thought when his iPhone 6 Plus was lost at sea, but as it turns out his phone survived despite being out at sea for weeks.

According to him, he was kayaking with friends with his iPhone encased in a waterproof case around his neck when he fell into the water. He claims he panicked and when he eventually hauled himself back into the boat, he heard something snap which was actually the cable of the case which resulted in the phone dropping into the water.

He thought it was the life vest and it was only after he made it back to shore that he realized his phone was gone. “One of the workers at the kayak rental place went back to find the phone but no luck. I put my phone in lost mode and put my friends phone number as the msg incase someone found the phone. After a week of logging into the find my iPhone app, no luck. I gave up. It was done.”

However about a month and a half later, he got a notification claiming his phone had been turned on. He then got in contact with the person who found his phone, they met up, and surprisingly despite it sitting in the bottom of the ocean for weeks on end, his phone survived, which can only assume is largely thanks to the case which held up pretty well. How awesome is that?

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