imacWhen it comes to market share, it is obvious that as much as Apple is trying, they are still very much lagging behind compared to PCs. However it seems that while it might take them a while to catch up, they are at least on the right path. According to the latest numbers put out by research firm IDC, they found that sales of Mac computers are on the rise.


According to IDC, Mac sales are on the rise and have risen by as much as 16.1% in the June quarter of 2015. This also saw an increase in the number of units that have been shipped which in turn saw an increase in Apple’s market share. Last year in the same quarter, Apple’s market share was sitting at 5.9%, but it is now sitting at 7.8%.

Granted this is still much lower than the leading PC manufacturer Lenovo who commands a fifth of the worldwide PC market, but like we said it appears that Apple is on track. How long it takes for them to catch up is another story. In the meantime as far as PC’s growth is concerned, analyst firm Gartner published their own results which actually saw a decline in shipments.

This decline was 9.5% and saw total shipments fall to 68.4 million units. This is still a very huge number but it certainly isn’t what it used to be. However before you declare that the PC era is coming to an end, that’s hardly the case. Gartner attributes this decline to Windows XP’s discontinuation and expects sales to pick up again once Windows 10 has been released, which last we checked was on the 29th of July.

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