Face ID was introduced a couple of years ago to the iPhone X. It was later brought over to the iPad Pro, so the question is, when will it be brought over to the Mac? It does seem like quite a natural transition after all, and the good news is that Apple looks like they are exploring the idea as well.

This is according to a recently granted patent in which it has been suggested that Face ID could indeed be coming to the Mac. However, it won’t necessarily be the same Face ID we expect from the iPhone or iPad, and in fact, it could actually be a smarter version of Face ID that would come with an intelligent sleep mode.

According to the patent’s description, it talks about current iterations of sleep mode which are largely timer based, where after a set time of no input from the user, the computer automatically goes into sleep mode. This can be annoying when you might be doing something that does not require input, like watching videos or listening to music.

However, with this patent, it suggests that camera on the Mac could track the user’s face and if it detects that they are still at their computers, it would prevent sleep mode from kicking in. It sounds like a useful feature, although given that this is a patent, there’s unfortunately no way of guaranteeing that this is a feature that Apple will be implementing in future Mac computers.

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