new-moto-droidThe folks over at Motorola do seem to be keeping themselves busy as they work on a rollout of new smartphones, where among them would be the third generation Moto G handset, as well as a possible device that is known as the Moto X Sport. Well, it look like this is not all, since HelloMotoHK has put up on their Facebook page of a new “Droid”, and under this guise, it would most probably roll out under the wings of Verizon Wireless in the US.

The image that you see on the right allegedly points to the back panel of the suspected new Moto Droid. It does look as though the device itself does come with a plastic back, although we cannot rule out the possibility of a rubbery back. There is also a camera with what looks to be a hole that has an LED flash located right under it. The overall design would then make it share a close family resemblance with that of the leaked third generation Moto G that happened not to long ago.

Apart from what you see on the right, there are no further details on what the possible new Motorola Droid would be able to bring to the table, and as to its hierarchy in the smartphone food chain, that also remains to be seen. A high-end device or a mid-range model? Only time will tell. Ready your wallets!

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