play stationLooking at the market today, Nintendo and Sony are competitors in the gaming industry. Both companies have home consoles, both companies also create handheld consoles, and both companies develop their own games. However it seems that back in the day, both Nintendo and Sony were allies.

In fact it seems that at one point in time, both companies had teamed up in the late 1980s to create a console called the “Play Station”, although due to licensing agreements the project was ultimately abandoned by Nintendo which led to Sony creating their own console, the PlayStation. Now there were several prototypes of this console made and it looks like user analogueboy on Reddit managed to get his hands on one of them.

According to him, it seemed that this console was previously owned by his dad who may or may not have known what he had on his hands all this while. This is an extremely rare console especially when you consider that there were only about 200 prototypes of it made, meaning that it could be worth quite a fair bit amongst collectors of such devices.

How the Play Station came about was when Nintendo asked Sony to create a CD-ROM add-on for their SNES console back in the day. However instead of doing that, Sony decided to create a standalone console with a built-in CD-ROM that was capable of playing SNES games as well – both in cartridge and CD-ROM format – but like we said, licensing disagreements with Nintendo led to the project being being shelved, ultimately leading to Sony to creating the PlayStation console many gamers have come to know and love today.

We have to admit that we are curious as to what the landscape might be like today if Sony and Nintendo were to have maintained their relationship today, but alas we will never know.

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