About a week back Amazon announced that in order to commemorate its 20th birthday it’s going to run a promotion called Prime Day during which it will offer more deals on items than are available on Black Friday. Amazon has slowly been building hype for this one-day sales event and it appears that it may not be all smooth sailing for the company as Walmart has decided it wants in on the action as well.

Walmart has announced that it’s going to hold a sale on July 15th as well for online customers and in order to entice them to shop the retailer is cutting its free shipping minimum order requirement from $50 to $35.

Walmart CEO Fernando Madeira didn’t miss the chance to take a shot at Amazon in a blog post, saying the “idea of asking customers to pay extra in order to save money just doesn’t add up for us,”

In case you weren’t aware the Amazon Prime Day sales event will only be offered to Amazon Prime members, whether paid or on a 30-day trial, it won’t be open to all users.

Amazon isn’t one to take this lying down. The company’s vice president of Amazon Prime, Greg Greeley, reminded everyone through a statement that Prime Day is this July 15th and also took a shot at Walmart, saying “the idea of charging your in-store customers more than your online customers doesn’t add up for us, but it’s a good reminder that you’re usually better off shopping online”

It’s a bit uncharacteristic to see retailers facing off in the middle of the summer, this sort of behavior is usually reserved for the significantly more lucrative holiday season.

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