audi-r8-rentWhen we talk about electric cars, I am quite sure that one of the names that come to mind straight away would be Tesla, where they have their record breaking Model S as a prime example of what a sleek looking electric sports car should look like, although a smaller fraction would think of the BMW i8 that ain’t too shabby a looker itself. Well, German automaker Audi intends to jump on the bandwagon too, with it working on an electric sport SUV concept that will carry a range of more than 310 miles (that would be 500 kilometers), which would place it heads and shoulders above the competition should it hit the market at this point in time.

According to Audi, this electric SUV concept does not have a name yet, and it will only enter production some time in 2018, and by then, you can be sure that the likes of Tesla are not going to rest on their laurels, but rather, they would most probably ensure that whatever rides that they have to release then will be able to at least meet such marks – or even exceed them. The conceptual ride will be unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show that will kick off in the middle of September.

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