You might have heard recently about a major vulnerability discovered in the Android mobile operating system called Stagefright, Google has already released the patch for this vulnerability and the company’s carrier and OEM partners are gradually sending it out to their users. If you’re not sure whether or not your device is susceptible to attacks made using this vulnerability there is an app that lets you find out whether or not your device has Stagefright.

Stagefright vulnerability can allow an attacker to gain access to your device by simply sending a MMS message with a video clip that has the malicious code embedded in it.

Since the video is processed automatically the malicious code runs and allows the attacker to gain access after which information from the device can be stolen and even the camera or microphone can be remotely activated.

Zimperium is the security company that discovered this flaw in Android and now they have released a new app called Stagefright Detector App which lets you check whether or not your device has this vulnerability. The app only points out if you’ve vulnerable and doesn’t mention any steps that can be taken to safeguard your device against Stagefright until a fix is released.

Nevertheless the company does provide instructions on its website on how you can protect yourself against Stagefright so if the app returns a positive result perhaps you might want to follow those instructions.

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