Stagefright Exploit A Danger To Android Devices Again

It looks like the Stagefright flaw is a modern day horror movie franchise for Android device users, as it has returned yet again, retaining its status of being a real and consistent danger on affected devices. This is despite promises from Google to have fixed the Stagefright flaw prior.

Stagefright Bug Can Now Infect Devices Through Audio Files

Recently a new security bug in Android was discovered which exploited the way the operating system handled multimedia messages, attackers merely needed to send a malicious message to a target and the phone would pre-load it, meaning that the infected file would run and the malicious code creeps into the device. Google released three patches for that bug and while that’s done and dusted it has been discovered that there’s yet […]

Verizon HTC One M9 Android 5.1 Update Coming Today

HTC One M9 owners on Verizon have long been waiting for the Android 5.1 update to arrive and the long wait finally ends today, it has been confirmed that the aforementioned update will be released for this handset today, August 20th. There are some significant changes included in this update so users advised to be quick to jump on Android 5.1 when it finally goes live for their HTC One M9 […]

Galaxy S4 Gets Stagefright Fix On Verizon

The Stagefright vulnerability has given Android device users around the world much to be worried about, even though OEMs and carriers are rushing to patch the exploit given the fragmented nature of Android they just can’t do it fast enough. Since this debacle many have promised to provide regular monthly security updates for their Android devices. Samsung is one of then and today the Galaxy S4 is receiving the much awaited […]


HTC One M8 Stagefright Fix Released By Sprint

Sprint is rolling out a new software update for last year’s flagship HTC handset, the software update brings a crucial fix for the popular Stagefright vulnerability. It goes without saying that HTC One M8 owners on Sprint should waste no time in downloading and installing this update as soon as it goes live for them, the Stagefright vulnerability is no joke and they will certainly be better off without it […]

OnePlus Updates OxygenOS To Keep Users Safe From Stagefright

When news of Stagefright broke out, you can be sure that there was a fair number of people were very concerned of the situation, and rightly so. In fact, smartphone manufacturers and mobile carriers (like Motorola, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint in this context) have also worked hard to issue software updates in order to repair this security loophole, and with an estimated 95% of active Android handsets being vulnerable, one […]

Verizon Releases Stagefright Fix For Select Samsung Galaxy Devices

It is nice to know that not too long after Google rolled out a patch for the Stagefright vulnerability that has made quite plenty of waves in the world of Android-powered devices recently as a serious security flaw, major carriers have also worked hard to ensure that this update would hit the different devices that they offer to the masses. Sprint was the first major carrier in the US to […]

Check If Your Android Device Has Stagefright Vulnerability With This App

You might have heard recently about a major vulnerability discovered in the Android mobile operating system called Stagefright, Google has already released the patch for this vulnerability and the company’s carrier and OEM partners are gradually sending it out to their users. If you’re not sure whether or not your device is susceptible to attacks made using this vulnerability there is an app that lets you find out whether or not your device has Stagefright.

Sprint Releases Stagefright Fix For Nexus And Samsung Devices

You might have heard about Stagefright recently, it’s a relatively new vulnerability discovered in Android that can allow an attacker to gain control of a device remotely by simply sending a video in a MMS message. Google recently confirmed that it was working on a fix which would be deployed soon. Sprint has already released said fix for Galaxy Note 4 and today it’s sending it out for some Nexus and […]