The 4K or ultra high definition standard is gradually becoming popular but there is still a long way to go before it’s as common as 1080p full HD. 4K TVs are getting cheaper every year and content services like Netflix are jumping on the UHD bandwagon. DirecTV is now making it much easier for its customers to access 4K content, it has launched a new box precisely for that purpose.

DirecTV’s new box is called 4K Genie Mini, using this box subscribers can easily rent movies and documentaries that are available in 4K. The company initially started offering 4K content last year but it could only be accessed by customers who had a “DirecTV Ready” TV, those models weren’t exactly common or easy to find.

There’s no such restriction with the 4K Genie Mini box, however it does require a 4K television that has support for HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0, since these standards are quite common folks who go for this box won’t have any trouble finding a compatible television set.

DirecTV says that the 4K titles available to watch will vary from week to week and most of the times customers will first have to wait for the movie to download before they can start watching it, which will certainly be time consuming particularly on internet connections that aren’t that spectacular.

The 4K Genie Mini box is priced at $99 but customers may find the pricing to be fluid based on their respective service contracts.

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