geforce-experienceIt looks like NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience software will be on the receiving end of a particular update, where it will greatly enhance the co-op experience, if you are into the world of co-operative gaming, that is. Just what will this particular update deliver? It will offer something that is known as GameStream Co-op, and in this particular feature, you can pipe your game’s audio, video and controls to a friend over a low-latency stream. In other words, it is similar to the PS4 SharePlay.

Basically, the upcoming update of the GeForce Experience Share Beta will boast of a new in-game overlay interface which is easily accessible even within the PC game itself. Through this menu, the new “share” option lets you invite your friends to watch you play your game – live. When they accept your offer, then you as the host, can even let viewers control over the game remotely, or perhaps to throw them into the fray as a second player within the context of a local multiplayer experience.

This has been announced for the upcoming version of the GeForce Experience Share Beta, and it will arrive some time in September, so chances are regular users will have to wait a while longer until all further testing results in a green light. [Press Release]

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