gold-samsungsIf you would like to stand out from the rest of the crowd, surely you know what to do – get either the best or highest end of whatever device you have in mind, or to ensure that the model which you pick up would be that of a limited edition range. Well, those who are on the lookout for either the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge are in good stead if you would like your purchases to come in gold. Literally, of course, and the people over at the Karalux Store would be more than happy to oblige.

The process is not easy, however, as their engineers will have to go through a 10-step process in order to take the handsets apart, which is by no means a simple procedure. These 7000 series aluminum happen to be 60% stronger and lighter than stainless steel, and after gold plating them, a protective layer is placed on top afterwards. The entire gold plating process would burn a $355 hole in your pocket, and if you would like to get the handset which will be gold plated right from the get go, then it will set you back by a whopping $1,110.

Looks like something you can check out for this coming holiday season, right?

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