google-sign-newSay you’ve got a drain that is clogged, or there are some wiring issues in your home, chances are you might turn to Google to try and search for an available plumber or an electrician. However according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that Google is now trying out a new feature on Google Search where it will connect users directly to handyman.Basically instead of searching for those around your area and then dialing their number to try and book an appointment, the search results in Google will allow you to directly connect with these professionals and book an appointment online. In fact you can even send a request to several services to find out what are their rates and if they are up to the task.Now if you’re worried about the legitimacy of these services, you can rest easy as Google would have already been screened for the proper licenses and have had background checks run against them, so for the most part you should be safe. Unfortunately there is a catch and that catch is that this new Google feature is only available to those in San Francisco.This means if you’re not from the area, chances are you will not be able to access this service and you will have to go about it the old fashioned way, but we can only imagine that Google will eventually roll it out to other parts of the US, or at the very least the major cities.

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