Android Auto is still in its infancy so to speak, the infotainment platform isn’t quite as popular as Google would want it to be but car makers are gradually opening up to it and a couple of OEMs have also come out with aftermarket systems. Google has released a new update for Android Auto which doesn’t bring much in the way of major features but does make a few tweaks to the user interface.

Changes made to the user interface will be immediately visible to those who tend to use Android Auto for two major things: listening to music and using the navigation. Then again, these are the two core features that one needs from an infotainment system in the car so majority of the users will certainly get to see these changes.

Once Android Auto has been updated to version 1.2 an arrow icon will pop up on the Navigation card on the home screen, a Pause or Play button will also appear on the Music card.

Not only have the cards for these features have been enlarged but the aforementioned buttons provide quick access to select features without requiring users to open the app itself, this goes a long way to ensure that there’s minimal distraction and users are fully concentrated on the road.

Android Auto version 1.2 is now live on the Google Play Store.

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