nasa-hurricane-satelliteIt is no fun at all living in an area where it is susceptible to hurricanes, for sure. You don’t even need a hurricane survivor to tell you this, as common sense would be enough to dictate such a thought. However, we all make choices in our lives, and if you chose to live in a hurricane prone area, then chances are you would also know how to batten down the hatches when it matters in life. Having a good early warning system would also help, of course, and NASA intends to monitor hurricanes through a constellation of satellites, apart from working on rockets to send you to Mars.


Basically, NASA’s Cyclone worldwide Navigation Satellite tv for pc System (CYGNSS in short), comprises of eight microsatellites. All 8 of them will work together in order to measure ocean floor winds in tandem, while paying close attention to the wall of tropical cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes in the entirety of their life cycle. With this data, scientists can perform more accurate predictions of hurricane tracks, intensities, and storm surges.

NASA claims that the CYGNSS and Global Positioning System satellites will orbit around the earth, which will also be able to deliver a wind speed image of the tropics once every few hours, now how about that for added peace of mind?

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