An Amazon Prime membership offers great value for money, not only do you got free two-day shipping on Prime-eligible items from Amazon but you also get access to a host of other services including but not limited to Amazon’s music and movie streaming services. It’s more than enough to justify the $99 per year subscription cost but for those who find it a bit too high there’s good news, an Amazon Prime membership discount is coming later this week.

A similar discount was offered back in January when the service was discounted for one day from $99 to $72, those who subscribed during that day got their one-year membership for less than what they would normally have to pay.

This time around the discount brings the lowest price yet for an Amazon Prime subscription, the company is discounting it from $99 to $67 for one day one starting 9pm Pacific time on September 24th. Be sure to subscribe on that day to get the one-year subscription for the discounted price.

Amazon is offering this discount to celebrate the Emmy Awards that its acclaimed series Transparent won earlier this week, its original series has received much praise from critics and fans are now looking forward to the second season which premieres December 4th.

If that’s not enough to make you spend $67 for a year’s worth of Prime, perhaps a six-month free digital subscription to The Washington Post too, this was recently added as yet another incentive from Prime members.

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