It is no secret that China isn’t a fan of Microsoft at the moment. Last year you might have heard how China had banned Windows 8 from being used on government computers. They had claimed that Windows 8 was expensive, although later they claimed that this was because they believed Windows 8 could be used as a tool to spy on them.

So much so that it is possible that some computers in China are probably still running on Windows XP. Speaking of XP, the folks at Quartz have recently managed to get their hands on what appears to be a Windows-alternative that the Chinese government wants to ultimately replace Windows with.

The OS is called NeoKylin OS and if you watch the video above, you will realize that the entire operating system looks like a reskinned version of Windows XP. Like we said Windows XP was still being used by the government even after support had ended, so safe to say that either they’re huge fans of the way Windows XP looks, or if they just wanted to create an OS with a UI that is familiar to many of the government’s employees.

In fact over in China, Dell has also begun shipping out computers with NeoKylin OS installed on it. According to a Dell spokesperson, “The NeoKylin OS is available on Dell Latitude commercial laptops, Dell OptiPlex commercial desktops, and DellPrecision workstations.” So, what do you guys make of it?

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