Comcast is a major provider of broadband internet to households across the United States and unlike other ISPs that normally have a breaking point with unlimited plans, Comcast has a rather formal setting of “data usage plan trials,” which basically impose a limit of 300GB in specific areas of the United States. It has been discovered that Comcast internet cap removal is now being tested, the company will basically allow people to pay a monthly charge if they want a truly unlimited connection.

The company has introduced a new option for subscribers in select Florida markets which include Miami and Fort Lauderdale, the test plan costs $30 per month and it will be charged whether or not the 300GB cap is exceeded in a billing month.

Previously subscribers who needed more than 300GB in a single month would have to pay an extra $10 for 50GB data with a three month grace period before those charges kicked in.

The test plan charges an additional $30 per month whether or not the limited is reached, in theory it gives subscribers truly unlimited internet, as well as the certainty of knowing precisely how much their internet bill is going to turn out every month.

It remains to be seen though what Comcast learns from this test and how it influences the company’s decision on whether or not it wants to roll out this plan to all customers across the country.

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