alienware-15If there is one thing that Apple likes to boast about, it would be how green their company is, and how they use materials that aren’t as harmful to the environment. Turns out that Dell has decided that they want to get on board the green train as well as they have announced plans to start incorporating recycled carbon fiber into their products.This will namely affect computers that fall under their Latitude and Alienware branding. Starting late 2015, Dell will incorporate the recycled material into select products before rolling it out on a larger scale in 2016. With this initiative, the company expects that they will be able to prevent as much as 820,000 pounds of carbon fiber from ending up in landfills.By using these recycled materials, it has also been estimated that they will have an 11% smaller carbon footprint compared to using fresh carbon fiber. This initiative will be the result of a collaboration between Dell and one of its suppliers, SABIC.According to Trisa Thompson, vice president and chief responsibility officer at Dell, “The technology industry has a unique responsibility to help shift the world to a circular economy model, and Dell’s long-standing investments in sustainable business puts us in a unique position to lead the way. We are always looking for collaborations that bring efficiencies to our business, and help our customers do the same.”So, how does the idea of buying environmentally-friendly products sound to you? Would you be more inclined to purchase Dell’s products now because of this?

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