ios-9-adoptionIn terms of visual updates, iOS 9 is similar to iOS 8 in the sense that there isn’t anything major. However iOS 9 does bring about a fair number of new and updated features, and also improvements to battery life which is why we would have expected it to be a more exciting update compared to iOS 8.


However according to a report from Mixpanel, it seems that iOS 9’s adoption right out the door is slower than its predecessor. iOS 9 was released yesterday and according to Mixpanel, within the first 24 hours iOS 9 only saw a 12% adoption versus the 16% that iOS 8 managed to grab in its first day alone.

According to Mixpanel, “iOS 9 has received 12% adoption in the last 24 hours and is being adopted similar to iOS 8 last year. However, one issue for it being substantially slow compared to iOS 7 is that servers are having trouble keeping up right now as people update.” These server issues are what we reported about earlier today.

Apparently there are quite a few users who have been greeted by a “Software Update Failed” message when trying to install iOS 9. There is a workaround which suggests downloading the update via iTunes and installing it from there, but we wouldn’t be surprised if those issues impacted the adoption figures. Either way we suppose we will have to give it a bit of time to see how well it fares against iOS 8 in the coming weeks and months.

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