ios 9 adoption 5 daysiOS 9 has been steadily adopted by iOS users around the world. The update was released last week and after more than 24 hours, we saw adoption rise to nearly 20%. Now that we’re about 5 days after iOS 9’s release, how well is Apple’s latest operating system doing? As it turns out, it is doing pretty well.

As you can see in the graph above from Mixpanel, iOS 9’s adoption is sitting at 35% in five days since its release. How does it fare compared to its predecessor iOS 8? Last year about 5 days after iOS 8’s release, its adoption was sitting at 30%, meaning that in terms of adoption, iOS 9 seems to be outpacing its predecessor.

At the rate this is going, we wouldn’t be surprised if iOS 9 could catch up to iOS 7’s rate, although recent reports of its troubles might hinder its process. For those who installed the operating system without any issues, you guys are lucky. Last week we had heard reports from users who were greeted by a “Software Update Failed” error which was attributed to Apple’s servers being too congested.

However there were also some users who were stuck at the “Slide to upgrade” screen, forcing them to factory reset their phones and try again.

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