ios 9 homescreenFrom what we can tell, iOS 9 is off to a great start but as is the case with brand new releases, there are bound to be problems, and it would seem that push notifications is one of the problems affecting iOS 9 users. According to user reports on Apple’s forums, there are some users reporting that push notifications aren’t working properly.

A quick search on Google will also yield complaints from users on other forums reporting the issue as well. Basically what happens is that users are not being notified when they get a new notification from a message, email, and etc. No sound will be played, and in some cases the app might not even display the badge count to show a new notification.

It is unclear as to what might be causing this, but users are reporting that sometimes the issue comes and goes, with notifications displaying properly one minute, and the next they are not getting anything again. We’re not sure if this is an issue Apple is aware of and how many users are affected by it.

Some have speculated it might be due to one of the battery saving features of iOS 9, where if the phone is placed with its display facing down, notifications will not show up on the screen (although it should still play a sound). In any case we guess we’ll just have to wait for a potential fix, but in the meantime any of our iOS readers affected by this problem too?

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