konami-logo1Last week it was rumored that Konami had put an end to the production of triple-A titles. What this meant is that apart from PES 2016 and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, there will not be any new triple-A titles from the publisher. This rumor was “confirmed” by at least two publications.


However Konami has since stepped forward and refuted those rumors. In a statement released to Nintendo Life, “I can promise you that we’re definitely not leaving Metal Gear behind or anything like that. I know some blogs were claiming that online this morning, but I’m not really sure where they’d be getting that from. We’re still definitely working on console games and franchises such as Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania, PES and all the rest.”

It should be noted that the statement came from Konami’s customer support instead of their PR team. Sometimes it can happen where customer service has not been informed of the changes and tell customers a different story, but since we have not heard otherwise, we suppose we will just have to take this as an official statement for now.

As for the concerns that Konami is only going to focus on mobile games moving forward, the company had stated, “Our aim is to continue to build up a comprehensive portfolio of console, arcade, and card game titles for each IP while also making the best possible use of the mobile devices that accompany our customers in their daily life.” So if you are looking forward to new Konami triple-A titles, there is still hope.

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