yoga-pro-3-tablet-handson_02Next to the new Yoga 3 Tablet series, there is this new Yoga 3 Pro Tablet, which comes with a built-in projector. Lenovo introduced the idea with the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, but has refined it further. To begin with, the projection size now tops 70” (vs 50” for the previous model) and it comes with an auto-keystone, which make sure that the image shows up in a nice rectangle and not a trapeze.

This model keeps the same design language as the rest of the Yoga 3 Tablet family, and comes with a 10200 mAh battery which supplies power to both the 10” quad-HD display, and the Intel Atom x5-Z8500 processor. Officially, the battery can last for 18 hours, but would prefer to test it, or see independent testing before vouching for this number. Still, this a very decent battery size, although it may not be the absolute largest.

Lenovo is pitching this device as a multimedia tablet, so it has added a pretty good sound option with four JBL speakers (most tablets have one speaker…) on the front. The tablet also supports Dolby Atmos, which is a sound rendering engine typically used in movie theaters to reproduce sound in 3D surround.

While playing with the tablet, we found that the projector capability would be completely adequate for a 1-1 business presentation, or casually watching a movie in a dark room. I say casually because I would rather watch the latest movie on a big TV, but if you have a few kids around, it’s easy to have them gather around a projection.

Overall, the design improvements, display and hinge design changes make this a much better Yoga Pro Tablet as last year’s model. We really wished that Lenovo could add a swivel projector in the future, but we’ll see what happens on that front. In the meantime, Lenovo has built a solid position in this niche market by creating a good user experience for an affordable price.

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