About a week ago, LG confirmed that on the 1st of October, they will be hosting an event. While it is unclear as to what the event will be about, many have speculated that it could see the launch of the LG V10, and now a new teaser video released by the company seems to confirm the launch.

According to the trailer which is about 15 seconds long, it shows a girl with bangs and having one side of it cut off. To be more specific, the left side has been cut off leaving the right side longer than the left. Is there any significance to this? If you have been following the rumors, you know that the photos have revealed an interesting design.

The LG V10 is speculated to have a ticker display. On the screen itself towards the left, it shows a dual camera setup which we can only assume corresponds to the way the model’s hair has been cut. The ticker display is supposed to act like the edge display on Samsung’s curved phones where it can display additional information, like apps, icons, and etc.

It’s an interesting design but whether or not it will take remains to be seen. Either way do check back with us on the 1st of October (next week) for the details.

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