logitech_harmony_eliteThe idea of a single remote control that can control a variety of devices is appealing. After all no one likes fumbling with separate remotes for the TV, for the speakers, for the DVD-player, and etc. That being said given that these days we have more electronic devices that we did back then, having a single remote becomes more important than ever.

Logitech has in the past introduced universal remotes part of its Harmony lineup, but if you’re interested in the company’s latest offering, you’re in luck. The company has recently announced the Harmony Elite, the latest universal remote part of the Harmony family of universal remotes. While it does come packed with features, it will also not come cheap at a price of $350. Ouch.

According to Logitech, the new Harmony Elite will be compatible with more than 270,000 devices. Unless you have bought some device from a remote part of the world that no one has heard of, chances are your gadgets should play nicely with the Harmony Elite. It will also be able to control groups of devices at once.

This is thanks to the Activities feature. For example you could set it to “Watch a movie”, and pressing that button will activate your AV system, lights, window shades, and etc. all at once. The remote will also come with a color touchscreen display, support gesture controls, and will also come with haptic feedback. Customers interested will be able to purchase it this month via Logitech’s website.

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