Quiet mgs vA few days ago it was reported that the Quiet bug inside Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain had yet to be fixed. There was no word on when the fix will be released, but as it turns out we didn’t have to wait that long. Konami has recently announced that the bug for the game has since been fixed and is now being implemented.

However there is a catch. It seems that the bug was only fixed for the PlayStation 4 and the PC, meaning that gamers on other consoles like the Xbox One will have to wait, but we reckon it might not be too long given how fast they released it for other platforms. Either way do check back with us in the coming weeks for the details.

That being said for those hearing about the bug for the first time, basically it was discovered that using Quiet as your buddy character in two particular missions, could potentially lead to your save files being corrupt. The missions in particular are Episodes 29 and 42. Konami later followed up with a workaround.

If you are playing on the Xbox One that has yet to receive the fix, what you can do is equip Quiet with the Butterfly Emblem and lower your Bond level with her below the Max level. Assuming you do those, you should be able to use her and enjoy your game just fine, at least until the Xbox One patch has been released.

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