minecraft-xboxoneMinecraft has made its developer a very, very rich man, and not only that, this is because it happens to be a game that has proven to be extremely popular in recent times. After all, Minecraft creator ‘Notch’ decided to cash out while the going is good by selling his studio and the intellectual property to Microsoft, and it seems that this particular move saw the game being used to demonstrate new technologies, which is a good thing. This time around, it does look like Oculus will be throwing their weight behind the upcoming VR headset for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.

Earlier this year, Minecraft was shown off in an augmented reality setting over at Microsoft’s E3 demo of the HoloLens, but unfortunately for the masses, HoloLens is not going to arrive anytime soon for a public consumer release, not at least for another five years. Right now, details seem to be rather fuzzy at the moment, but chances are Minecraft Windows 10 Edition will eventually hit the market sometime in 2016, as that is when the Oculus Rift is tipped to hit the masses as well then. Are you looking forward to Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, and will this be a swaying factor for you to make the upgrade?

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