It looks like Google might start offering an extended warranty plan for devices sold through its online store, that’s Nexus smartphones and tablets mostly, basically the company would charge extra for a year or two of additional warranty coverage. References to “Nexus Protect” have been spotted in the page source of listings on the Google Store, the company hasn’t said anything about such a plan yet so perhaps it might make us wait for a while before formally announcing the extended warranty plan.

From the looks of it the plan won’t be that different from the extended warranties sold by third-party retailers, or what Apple calls AppleCare, it’s essentially going to be the same thing. Listings for Chromebooks, Android Wear smartwatches and Android TV set-top boxes have this text even the ones that aren’t made by Google.

However it seems like the Google Store will limit purchases on Nexus Protect choices, so if a customer is purchasing multiple devices in one order all of them will need to be covered by the plan or none of the them can be covered.

It merits mentioning here though that this is speculation and nothing is known for sure at this point in time, for all we know Google might only be toying with the idea of providing extended warranty for Nexus devices and may decide against launching this program to the public.

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