oneplus-2-review-19As some of you might have heard, OnePlus might have accidentally confirmed that they do have a second phone in the works that is due for a release later this year. The question is when will this alleged device make its appearance? According to the folks at Gizmochina, apparently they have heard from their sources that it will be next month.

Their factory sources have told them that the upcoming device from OnePlus, also known as the OnePlus X, could be launched in October. Along with a possible launch date, their sources have also revealed to them some potential specs of the device, and that how OnePlus has given the handset a new design that is different from the OnePlus 2.

So what kind of specs can we expect from the alleged cheaper version of the OnePlus 2? According to the rumors, it is said to feature a 5-inch display and under the hood, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset can be found, meaning that OnePlus will be reusing hardware from last year.

This is said to allow them to keep costs low. At the same time the Snapdragon 801 isn’t a slouch either so if you’re fine with using last year’s technology, it should make for a pretty decent handset. Pricing has yet to be officially confirmed but last we heard, the company could be aiming for a $250 price tag.

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