ConcordeInFlightBA_P2_0On the 24th of October 2003, it marked the last time that the supersonic jet Concorde flew. Perhaps it was due to the price of a concorde flight that put customers off, or maybe it was Airbus’ decision to stop maintaining the plane, but either way it’s safe to say that many assumed that was it.


However fast forward 12 years later, it seems that there are now plans to bring the plane back. This is thanks to a group calling themselves Club Concorde which consists of a crew of enthusiasts, fans, former pilots, former passengers, and charterers. Now before you think you will be zipping around the world in a short amount of time, think again.

The group believes that they have the necessary funds to help make a revival come true. However their plan is to use the Concorde as a tourist attraction in London, and restore another Concorde plane for use in air shows and for private charters, so unless you think you can afford to charter a Concorde, there seems to be little chance of you riding in one.

According to Jonathan Glancey, author of Concorde: the Rise and Fall of the Supersonic Airliner, “So many people miss Concorde [and it] could certainly fly again given both financial and technical wings, while from a technical point of view there is nothing a team of expert and motivated engineers can’t tackle. For the moment, we should support it. ”

[Image credit – The Museum of Flight]

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