refugee_heroWe’re sure by now many of you guys have heard that Europe is currently facing a refugee crisis. There is said to be over four million Syrian refugees who are attempting to flee their country’s civil war and are coming over to Europe in hopes of a better life. Now whether you think Europe should welcome them with open arms is a debate for another day.

That being said, three 20-something year old entrepreneurs have decided to do something about it. Instead of waiting for European governments to decide if they should let refugees into their country , they have come up with what can only be described as an Airbnb solution for refugees dubbed Refugee Hero.

How it works is more or less the same way as Airbnb. People who don’t mind opening up their homes to refugees can do so by putting their homes up on the website. This isn’t just limited to private residences. Organizations are also welcome to offer up their locations to these refugees if they are so inclined, such as churches, mosques, schools, universities, and more.

According to one of its founders, Ayoub Aouragh, “We want the heroes to help the refugees find their way in a new, strange country. This means Refugee Hero will grow to become a platform facilitating all important aspects linked to migration. This varies from helping refugees find a new school for their children or even arranging social security and applying for a passport.”

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