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Airbnb Luxe Lets You Travel In The Lap Of Luxury
If you use Airbnb frequently when you travel, you might have had a bad experience once or twice. Either the property isn’t what the images made it seem like or the area isn’t as good as you thought it would be. All of these concerns go out the window for the company’s new tier, Airbnb Luxe. If you’re willing to dig deep into your pockets, you can now access unique […]

Airbnb Adventures Will Add Some Thrill To Your Next Vacation
Airbnb would much rather you use its platform to find temporary housing on your next vacation instead of staying in a hotel. The platform has evolved into much more than just one that lets you find a space to stay. You can book a variety of experiences through the app to get more immersed in local life. It’s now introducing something for the thrill seekers. With Airbnb Adventures, you can […]

Airbnb Wants To Create Video Content To Make People Travel More
Video content has always been an incredible growth driver for the tourism industry. Long before there was YouTube and social media, there were VHS tapes with travel guides of exotic locations across the globe. Now, it’s as easy as hitting up YouTube to find the top ten things you should do in Paris, for example. People do a lot of their research based on such content and Airbnb now wants […]

Hidden Camera Found In An Airbnb After Guest Scans Wi-Fi Network
Airbnb is a great service for those looking to rent a spare room in an apartment or even an entire apartment or house for a short period of time. Many travelers use it regularly if they don’t prefer staying at a hotel or if they just find a cheaper option. It turned out to be a bad option in this instance for Airbnb user Andrew Barker who found a hidden […]


Americans Spent More On Airbnb Compared To Hilton In 2018
Hilton is one of the largest and well-known hotel chains in the world. Airbnb has been taking business away from it and other hotel companies. The latest data shows that it may have been causing some serious headaches for hotel companies. Americans spent more on Airbnb than they did on Hilton in 2018.

Airbnb To Acquire HotelTonight
Airbnb started out as a platform that flew in defiance of traditional hotels, where they would offer up places for people to stay on vacation that could potentially be bigger, more convenient, and cheaper than your typical hotel. However it seems that the company could be looking to dip their toes into the hotel market.

Airbnb Wants To Start Designing Houses
For those who are trying to avoid paying exorbitant hotel fees in countries they visit, Airbnb is one of the popular alternatives that are offered. For the most part Airbnb acts as a middle person between a host and the guest, where their platform lists the available houses that are available for short-term stay which is generally cheaper than hotels.

Airbnb Will Now Let You Stay With Mongolia’s Nomads
While hotels are generally situated in convenient locations, such as in the heart of a city, near public transport, sometimes they don’t necessarily impart the feel of the place you are visiting, plus it can also be expensive. This is where Airbnb comes in, where people who own homes can rent out their homes/rooms as a hotel alternative.

Airbnb Testing Early Payments Made To Hosts
If you have a spare apartment or home that you don’t use often, using it as an Airbnb rental is a good way to earn some money on your investment. However the way Airbnb usually pays its hosts is 24 hours after a guest’s scheduled check-in time, which we suppose is fair enough, although we imagine that some hosts would like to get paid earlier.

New Japan Law Forces Airbnb To Cancel Thousands Of Bookings
The concept of Airbnb is great – imagine being able to travel to any country in the world and find potentially cheaper and better accommodations than hotels or hostels. Given the prices of hotels in Japan, Airbnb’s launch in the country was very much welcomed by tourists, but it seems that a new law has forced the company to cancel thousands of bookings.

Airbnb Testing Snapchat-Like Stories For Its Users
One of the popular features of Snapchat is its Stories which has since been copied by several applications, such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, and so on. Now it looks like Airbnb will also be taking a page from Snapchat’s book by launching a Stories-like feature of their very own.

Airbnb Starts Sharing Host Information With Chinese Government
If it wasn’t obvious, creating a global operations isn’t an easy task and isn’t as simple as just opening up shop in another country. Certain things need to be changed and modified to comply with local laws and regulations and culture and what not, which is what Airbnb is appearing to do.

Airbnb Announces Major Changes To Its Services & Offerings
If you’re someone who uses Airbnb frequently when you’re traveling, you might be interested to hear that Airbnb has announced some pretty major changes that they’ll be making to their platform. This will involve introducing new property types, new tier levels, and also new features for people looking to book locations for large-scale events.

Airbnb Experiences Being Expanded To 200 Cities
The Airbnb Experiences program offers its users the opportunities to connect with locals at the destination to have, as the name suggests, new experiences. It lets Airbnb offer more than just short-term rentals and also enables those who may not have an extra room to rent out to make some money on the side by simply hosting people at their cooking class or walking tour. Airbnb has now confirmed that […]