staylittleWe more or less take our Internet connectivity for granted these days, and to live without any kind of connection can prove to be ‘fatal’ to the younger people (or so they think). Well, if you happen to reside in the village of Staylittle, UK, then things would work very differently there. Apparently, this isolated village was ‘cut off’ from the rest of the UK the moment its phone lines went down. In fact, this village is so remote, it is eight miles away from the nearest market town, without any kind of mobile reception.


Residents of Staylittle claimed that they were more or less isolated for two weeks, and this happened after there was a fault with their one and only communication line with the outside world. In fact, Staylittle is more than comfortable without having any kind of mobile phone coverage, so it does not make too much difference to them, as you will need to drive one mile out just to obtain a sketchy level of mobile coverage.

Around 140 people were thought to reside there, and the phone line ‘s fault was reported on August 24th, and BT has yet to fix it apparently. David Penn, who is 72, shared, “We don’t have mobile phone reception and I can’t get broadband up here either. I don’t think there’s any profit to be made up here to be honest so we just don’t count.”

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