Amazon has established itself as a player in the tablet market and recently the company shook things up by announcing a new entry level tablet that costs just $50 and is even being sold in six-packs, you can actually buy a six-pack of this new Fire tablet like you would buy a six-pack of beer just to get more bang for your buck. Many thought that Amazon will keep the tablet tightly locked to its own ecosystem but it turns out that it’s actually quite easy to access the Google Play Store through the new Fire tablet.

Amazon has been running its own Android Appstore for quite some time now and naturally it serves as the default Appstore on its smartphone and tablets, though it’s also possible to install the Amazon Appstore on just about any Android device.

By default the new tablet does not provide access to Google Play Store which is the number one destination for apps and games on an Android device, there is a workaround that can enable users to access the Play Store, and the best part is that it doesn’t require users to root the tablet so their warranty doesn’t get void.

The method has been explained by an XDA-developers forum member and the tools have been made available as well to the public, it’s a simple process which requires the tablet to be hooked up to a Windows PC so that the Google Services Framework and Google Play Store can be loaded.

The entire process shouldn’t take more than ten minutes and the Play Store will work like a charm after that.

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