amazon-sign-652x350One of the perks of shopping on Amazon is that you get to browse pretty much any kind of book you can think off. Chances are if you want a book, Amazon will carry it, unless you’re after very specific and specialized rare books. But if you just want a regular book, there is a good chance you can find it on Amazon.

However according to recent reports, it has been suggested that Amazon could be thinking of opening a physical bookstore in Seattle. The reports claim that the spot where Barnes & Noble used to occupy back in 2012 was being looked at by Amazon, and another spot in University Village has been occupied by a tenant called Ann Bookstore.

Various checks with other bookstores in Seattle revealed that those stores had no plans for expansion, so either we’re looking at a new bookstore, or it could be Amazon as what the speculators are thinking. The report goes on to add that Amazon has been approaching booksellers at other stores, offering to pay them as much as $18 an hour.

It would be a bit ironic for Amazon to launch a physical store, given that the original premise of Amazon was to break down those barriers to begin with, but at the same time with companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung having their own stores, perhaps Amazon could be considering a physical location in which they could hawk their own wares like e-readers.

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