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AT&T is reportedly going to launch a new service in the near future which will allow all of your devices to share one single phone number, what this means is that all of your SIM-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches will have the same number. According to the report AT&T is calling the feature NumberSync right now and that it plans to launch this service on a single device very soon.

Limiting it to just one device at launch will just defeat the entire purpose but AT&T is reportedly going to enable more devices to work with NumberSync later this year.

Just don’t expect unlocked devices to work with NumberSync, even though AT&T isn’t likely going to charge a separate fee for the NumberSync feature subscribers will most likely have to pay the usual device fee so that they can be connected to the data plan.

Users who use multiple devices with cellular connections will no longer have to keep separate numbers and pay separate charges, all of their smartphones, tablets and smartwatches will work on a single number, and since all of them will share the same line all the time when users receive a call or text it will be displayed across those devices regardless of where they might be.

OEMs will have to work with AT&T if the want their devices to support this feature, NumberSync is network technology based, which is why teaming up with AT&T is going to be necessary.

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