Remember the other day we reported that Fallout beer was an actual thing? Basically it was brewed in a partnership between Bethesda and Carlsberg to help promote the former’s upcoming video game Fallout 4, which is pegged for a release on the 10th of November. However it seems that they are not alone in this.

Over in Queensland, Australia, three Australians Michael McGovern, Eddie Oldfield, and Dan Norris have revealed that they have been brewing beer too, except that their beer is aimed at Call of Duty players and also to support the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. They have also cleverly named their beer Black Hops, which we have to admit is a very nice touch.

Now before you wonder how long it will take before Activision’s legal eagles swoop in and rain on this parade, they won’t because it seems that Activision were the ones who contacted them to make it. According to McGovern, he describes the beer by saying, “The beer is black in colour, but light and refreshing like a traditional pale ale, perfect for the Aussie summer.”

In terms of availability, the beers will be going on sale starting from 1PM on the 2nd of November and can be ordered via its website. No word on pricing but it will be a limited run, so best place your orders once they go live if you want in on this.

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