fallout beerFallout 4 is less than a month away from being released, something that we’re sure many fans are eagerly looking forward to. Now it seems to help promote the game, Bethesda has teamed up with the folks at Carlsberg and have produced Fallout Beer, as you can clearly see in the photo above.

Of course it won’t be made with irradiated water, and according to the description, ”Fallout beer has been brewed using a unique blend of malted barleys combined with selected hops.” It has also been described as, “A light coloured pilsner lager, with a refreshing zesty hoppy taste and a floral aroma.”

We can’t say for sure if this is merely a rebranded version of Carlsberg just used for promotional purposes, or if it actually has a completely different taste. Either way if you are living in the UK and you would love to pick up some Fallout Beers for yourself and your friends, you can go ahead and pre-order them from Amazon.

The beers are priced at £29.99 for a case of 12x 330ml bottles and will begin delivery on the 5th of November, so try not to finish them before the game is released! Also we’re not sure if these beers are a limited edition run, chances are they might be, so that’s something to take into consideration. Now if only Bethesda could create official Nuka-Colas, that’s something we can get on board with!

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