2877892-fallout4_trailer_vault_1433355629Fallout 4 will be officially released on the 10th of November. Now Bethesda has promised that the game will have a ton of content for gamers to go through, but at the same time we suppose there are those who will probably burn through it pretty quickly. If you are one of those gamers, chances are you’d probably be looking for the DLC next.

The good news is that if you see yourself playing Fallout 4 for a long time, you might be interested to learn that the game’s season pass is now available for pre-order. The season pass will be priced at $29.99 and at this time of writing, it seems that the season pass is only available for pre-order via the Xbox Live Marketplace, but we expect that PS4 gamers and PC gamers will be able to order theirs soon.

We should note that the DLCs will only be released in 2016, but like we said given the amount of content in Fallout 4, we reckon many gamers will still be enjoying the game even after the DLCs have been released. The DLCs will also not be exclusive to any platform. This is according to our previous report in which Bethesda confirmed there will not be any exclusivity.

This is unlike Fallout 3 where there were timed exclusives, and also in the case of Skyrim in which Xbox gamers got access to the DLCs ahead of PC and PS3 gamers.

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