fujifilm instax mini 70Nowadays with our phones being capable of taking great photos and with digital cameras becoming the norm, film cameras aren’t getting the same amount of love as they used to get. However if you do love the novelty of using film cameras, you might be interested to learn that Fujifilm has recently announced the Instax Mini 70.

This is a camera that uses film and can print photos on the spot, kind of like Polaroid’s offerings, except that in this case it is a Fujifilm camera. This camera has been designed for selfie-lovers in mind, thanks to a small built-in mirror on the front of the camera that will allow photographers to frame their selfies before snapping a pic.

Given that film isn’t exactly cheap and one can’t delete a photo that has been taken, we reckon the mirror will come in handy especially if you hate wasting film. The camera will also feature a tripod mount and a self-timer function, along with a macro mode and landscape mode to suit a variety of different photography styles.

If this sounds like a camera that you think will be fun on road trips, especially if you like printing out small prints of photos to stick on the fridge or put in your wallet, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 is expected to be released in November and will be priced at $139.95.

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