alphabet logoAs you might have heard, last week Google officially became Alphabet, and Alphabet is now the parent company of Google. We know, it does sound a bit confusing. Basically Google, which was the parent company for their products and services and divisions, became known as Alphabet.

However within Alphabet, there exists Google which will handle some of its products and services like Android, Gmail, Google Maps, and so on. That being said Alphabet needs its own website and right now it is basically However according to a Google spokesman, “We realized we missed a few letters in, so we’re just being thorough.”

And by thorough, Google has basically bought the entire alphabet as its domain name. This means that is now officially owned by Google. Unfortunately surfing on over to the URL leads to nothing and we’re not sure if Google or Alphabet has any plans for it.

However we can only assume that even if they don’t, it is a good safety precaution against domain name squatters who might try to hold it ransom and convince Google/Alphabet to buy it off them, or it could lead to confusion. Either way we will be watching that space very closely and hopefully we will see something soon.

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