android-6.0-marshmallowWith the release of iOS 9.1, not only did Apple address several bugs within the operating system, but it also seems that they have introduced new wallpapers and emojis. For those of you who use a lot of emojis in your chat, we guess this is a much-welcome feature. Now for Android users if you think you could do with more emojis, fret not as Google has not forgotten about you.


In a tweet by Google’s SVP of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer, it seems that he has heard your demands and promised that more emojis will be making its way onto Android. According to Lockheimer, “So I have a feeling y’all want new emojis? a) Thanks for the feedback, b) We’re on it, and c) Sorry!”

Unfortunately Lockheimer did not mention when the update with the emojis will be released, but at the very least we suppose Android users can take comfort in knowing that it has been acknowledged. Some of you guys might think that this is kind of a vanity issue and trivial, but it really isn’t.

Due to iOS featuring emojis that Android does not have, this means that sometimes when viewing content online on your mobile device, there might be certain characters you might not be able to see. This can disrupt the experience and make things harder, so hopefully Google will push out this update sooner rather than later.

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