google_play_storeApps these days for the most part are still pretty affordable. You can still find apps that cost a dollar, although nowadays it seems that there are more apps priced at $3-5, but either way they tend to be affordable. Perhaps Google sees a day where apps could be complex enough to justify higher prices, and have since raised the price limit in the Google Play Store.


Prior to this, apps in the US Play Store was set at a limit of $200. Safe to say that there aren’t many apps that cost that much, but at least the developers could price it that high if they wanted to. However with the increase, the new limit is set at a whopping $400. Now we’re not sure what kind of app would justify $400 since not many PC applications cost that much to begin with, but like we said at least the ceiling’s been raised should developers want to take advantage of it.

The US isn’t the only country in which the price limit has been increased. For example in Canada the limit is now $500 where previously it was at $210. The UK has had its limit doubled from £150 to £300. Countries in Europe have also seen an increase from €199 to €350. Australia has also been increased from $200 to $550, just to name a few.

It is possible that the limits could be used towards in-app purchases, such as apps that might require some kind of subscription, so you might want to keep an eye out for it.

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