Amazon is one of the many companies that want to deliver your groceries to your door, that privilege obviously doesn’t come free. The company had said that it would eventually require users to purchase a year membership to its AmazonFresh program and now it’s following through on that. Shoppers in cities where the service is provided have been notified that prior to ordering groceries they now need to purchase a $299 yearly membership.

This is obviously not good for people who won’t be using AmazonFresh regularly but would like to have the option to have groceries delivered once in a blue moon. For that, $299 is going to be too much, so those users are likely going to stay away from this service.

Those who do opt for the $299 AmazonFresh membership receive free delivery on all orders above $50 as well as all of the benefits that one gets from an Amazon Prime membership, which itself is a $99 value.

AmazonFresh certainly isn’t one of the cheapest grocery delivery services out there, for example an Instacart membership costs $99 per year and offers free deliveries on orders over $35. Ultimately it comes down to which services makes customers the most happy, and we’ll have to wait and see how AmazonFresh fares against the rest.

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