htc-re-review-13HTC is a company that many would associate with smartphones. Even before Android, the company was putting out PDA devices already, so we suppose the transition to Android smartphones made sense. However in the recent years the company has been expanding their portfolio which now includes devices like the HTC Re camera that was launched in 2014.

For those unfamiliar with the device, it’s a periscope-shaped camera that’s aimed at users who want to capture action shots/videos that isn’t bulky or heavy. However given how competitive the camera scene is, especially with the likes of GoPro pretty much dominating that particular sector, it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that HTC Re wasn’t the hit the company expected.

In fact it seems that HTC has reduced the price of the camera which is now priced at a very affordable $50. Prior to this, the HTC Re was originally priced at $200. Based on our review, the image quality of the camera was fair at best. If you have a high-end smartphone from Samsung, LG, or even one of HTC’s own flagships, chances are you could get better results.

However if you wanted something that was also waterproof, then maybe $50 isn’t too much to spend for a more dedicated device. If you’d like to pick one up for yourself, head on over to HTC’s website for the details.

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