ios902-lockJust a week ago, we brought you word that a flaw in iOS 9 enabled hackers to bypass the lockscreen. Well, it is not too long after that was reported that a fix has now arrived in the form of iOS 9.0.2, now how about that for speed of response?

The security loophole that enabled hackers to bypass the lockscreen inadvertently opened the door for just about anyone to check out and edit your contacts, to send text messages, as well as to go through your collection of photos – naughty or otherwise, without the need to even figure out your passcode. Well, it seems that the iOS 9.0.2 rollout has squashed this particular bug, using a 6-digit numeric and an 8-digit alphanumeric passcode that used to work magic in the past.

Apparently, Apple has done away with a link in the chain in order to prevent this particular hack from panning out, as one could not gain access to the device any more. Regardless, it is also advisable that one continues to ensure that Siri is turned off on the Lock Screen. After all, with more features available from the Lock screen, the less secure it ends up with, and that means there is always a higher chance of it being compromised. Better safe than sorry here.

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