jetblue-wifiAt the beginning of this year, we brought you word that RouteHappy reported how inflight Wi-Fi has improved overall, which is a good thing for today’s jet setting modern day road warrior. After all, instead of sleeping in mid-air as you make that arduous trip across in economy class, why not keep yourself entertained with folks on the ground by sending instant messages to one another, not to mention selfies with the passenger beside you whom you have befriended over a vodka? JetBlue is another airline that intends to take advantage of the Wi-Fi trend while in mid-air, by planning to outfit its aircraft with fast satellite Wi-Fi.

So far, JetBlue has announced that it will feature Fly-Fi on all of its Airbus aircraft, but it also hopes to be able to offer free internet connectivity for the rest of its flights by the time fall 2016 arrives. This is pretty much a big deal no matter how you look at it if you are their frequent flier, since there is a guarantee that you can enjoy up to 20Mbps per device connections each time you take to the skies, regardless of whether it is a short haul flight or one that requires you to go across the country. [Press Release]

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