time-trip[CEATEC 2015] How do you travel back in time? The answer is pretty simple – you don’t, and cannot. Well, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and augmented reality, Kinki Nippon Tourist (KNT) has decided to bring tourism to a whole new level – calling it “smart tourism”. Yeah, throw in a smart moniker these days and you can get away with a lot – but this one’s different, as tourists wear a pair of smart glasses and will be able to be transported – visually, at least, to visible historical structures which are no longer there in real life.


You know where this particular project would come in handy? All of those areas that are controlled by the IS, especially those with a rich historical background. It would be best if all of the surrounding sites can be recorded as soon as possible so that in the years to come, even if IS is defeated – their trail of destruction where historical sites are concerned can still be experienced virtually. It is also a way to make tourism a whole lot more fun and interesting regardless of the place, don’t you think so?

The demo unit made used of one of the older Epson Moverio headsets which still proved rather bulky, and it will not work well at all for those who are wearing glasses, although folks whose glasses happen to sport very, very thin rims might be able to do so without any issue.

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